Takamina Appears in an American Singer’s PV

5 08 2011

Takamina has made an appearance in the PV for American born pop singer JAMIL’s new single “The Rock City Boy”. JAMIL is a big fan of AKB48 and he wanted Takamina to star in the PV for the song. This is the 1st time for Takamina to appear in any PV other than her own.

The plot of the PV has JAMIL coming over to Japan where Takamina keeps popping up as a cabin attendant, a shrine maiden and a schoolgirl. Naturally JAMIL is bowled over by her beauty.

Check out the PV below



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6 08 2011
Takamina Stars In Non-AKB Video, More Flying Get Footage Released | International Wota

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6 08 2011
tokai / binaryriot

Now I wish I would be some not-so-famous-singer-most-people-never-heard-about and could invite my favorite 48 girls into my PV! 🙂

7 08 2011

…okay now I’m jealous…how did this come about?

8 08 2011

when I first read “American Singer” I thought I was gonna see some RnB or something, but my oh my was I damn surprised with this crap lol. XD

Takamina looks nice though.

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