Disappointing Sales For Hettapi Wink

7 08 2011

After the success of their last single ‘Valentine Kiss’, I expected Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s latest single ‘Hettapi Wink’ to do even better sales wise but it has failed to do just that. The reason for this is puzzling to say the least as ‘Hettapi Wink’ is such a strong single for the group. Could it be that the market is now oversaturated with AKB48 and it’s subunits/sister groups? There’s been an ooo family CD release every Wednesday for the past 7 weeks and with more to come. There’s too much stuff being released within a short time of each other. People can’t be expected to just fork out for these CD’s each week. Sales figures so far is as follows:

1st Day – 30,062 (Valentine Kiss sold 45,355 on it’s 1st day)
2nd Day – 33,023 (it’s unusual for a single to improve sales on it’s 2nd day but this one did and total sales were on a par with Valentine Kiss at this point)
3rd Day – 4,740
4th Day – ????? (SKE48 sold more than them and that’s on it’s 2nd week of release – sales could be less than 3k)

Final sales for the week will be down quite a bit on Valentine Kiss which sold 95,321. You’re probably looking at between 70 – 80k in total. Some could even argue that the reason that Valentine Kiss did so well for WH7 was that it was a cover of a popular song.




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7 08 2011
Asuka Inverse

well, it’s still better than their usually sales…In 2010, their singles before VK sold really poorly, and anyways, 70k is still twice as Momusu’s sales….

Akanbe bashi : 34k
Seishun no flag: 47k
Gyu : 38k

But Yes, I suppose they are disappointed

10 08 2011
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