Tomochin and WH7 Hold Special Events

7 08 2011

Yesterday saw Tomochin and Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 hold seperate special events to celebrate their latest singles.

At the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall, 6000 WH7 fans who had bought their single and were selected randomly via lottery came to a special live performance and handshake event. The group’s performance lasted for 45 minutes and afterwards they held a press conference in their summer yukatas.

The group confessed this was the 1st time this year they’ve had the chance to wear yukatas as they’ve been so busy. The press remarked that the last time they performed at this location was back in August 2008 with AKB48 and they asked the girls their thoughts on coming back here. Nacchan’s response that it was raining at that time and today it was sunny had me smiling. If the Ame Queen (Yukirin) was in that performance 3 years ago then it certainly would have been raining!! The girls had some fun with the press – teasing each other about their lack of cooking skills.

Over at Yomiuri Land Open Theater EAST, Tomochin was holding her own live event for 5000 fans and she was also wearing an elegant yukata for the occasion. Tomochin sang 4 songs including ‘Fui ni’. The stage was appropriately decked out for a Summer festival with paper lanterns and red & white noren (this is a partition cloth for an entrance of a room or building of Japan).




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