Not yet’s Official Web Store Opens

8 08 2011

Not yet’s official online web store opened today. There’s not that much you can buy at the moment – some t-shirts, keyring and another 2 items which you can associate with your favorite Not yet member but I’ve noticed you can’t buy anything with Yui Yokoyama in the store. That’s a little bit unfair on her if the other 3 girls have their own little section with goods and she doesn’t have one. They’ll probably add her in very soon I imagine and more items too.

Check out the website below:



2 responses

8 08 2011
tokai / binaryriot

Hmm.. it is just a new “Not yet” portal page. The girls had their individual shops before with similar items. Now there are actually less items available. 🙂

And Yui missing probably has something to do with her still ominous agency situation. That shop probably is something done by the agency (of Yuko, Sasshi, Rie) and not AKB management.

8 08 2011

I think you could have a point here – Yuko, Sasshi and Kitarie are all under the OhtaPro agency whilst Yui is with AKS.

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