Is Sayaka or Aki-P Gackt’s Favorite AKB48 Member?

9 08 2011

Gackt has been answering questions from his fans on Twitter recently and one of them asked ‘Which is your favorite AKB48 member?’ He replied back that Akimoto was his favorite. This surprised many who thought it was funny. They did ask him to confirm whether he meant Sayaka Akimoto or Aki-P but he didn’t say anything back so now fans are wondering whether Gackt was just fooling around on Twitter. I don’t think it’s strange to see somebody like Gackt liking AKB48, after all he did like Morning Musume in the past so perhaps Sayaka is his favorite after all.



3 responses

9 08 2011
渡辺 三郎 (@lincolnz777)

If Gackt’s oshimen is Sayaka Aikimoto, then Matsui Jurina will be super upset…

9 08 2011

Ha ha she sure would be. Gackt is Jurina’s ideal man!!

9 08 2011
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