Hettapi Wink 1st Week Sales/DiVA’s Cry 1st Day Sales

10 08 2011

3 days ago I commented on WH7’s single Hettapi Wink and the disappointing sales figures so far especially coming off the back of a great single such as Valentine Kiss.  The final total came out for the week and I wasn’t far off with my prediction for the total sold for the week. The single sold 80,017 copies. It’s not a disaster by any means for the group and I’m sure they’re pleased as punch with those figures but I did think it would have been upwards and onwards for them. Still they’ve come a long way from sales figures of last year.

Yesterday saw DiVA release their latest single Cry. It made no.2 in the Oricon Daily Charts with 35,060 copies sold. They didn’t stand a chance to achieve no.1 with Johnny’s group Kis-my-ft2 selling in excess of 175k with their single. Hopefully DiVA will top the 1st week’s sales for their debut single Tsuki no Uragawa which sold nearly 74k.



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