AKB48 Members Heading For Vietnam

11 08 2011

6 members of AKB48 will be heading out to Hanoi in Vietnam to take part in the 2nd Japan-Vietnam Friendship Music Festival on October 9th. This festival is mostly as a thank you gift for Vietnam for generously donating money (16 million yen), 50,000 underwear and other items that helped Japan after the Tohoku earthquake in March. The 6 members going to Vietnam will be Sae, Ayarin, Lovetan, Natsumi, Wasamin and Micha and all of them were in attendance at a press conference yesterday to announce the lineup for the festival. Going along with AKB48 will be Koda Kumi, w-inds, AAA, EXILE, Godai Natsuko and Sugi Ryotaro.



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12 08 2011
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12 08 2011

I’m a Vietnamese but it’s so sad that I wont be able to see them in Ha Noi 😦 Hope that they will have a warm welcoming from Vietnamese fans.

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