Rent An AKB48 Voice Apartment

11 08 2011

How many of you would like to rent a special apartment which features the voices of AKB48 members and have some of the interior design with pictures of the group as well? That is the reality now thanks to Apaman who AKB48 is helping to promote their services.

Apaman revealed that several of these special AKB48 apartments (AKB48 Voice Rooms) will be going on sale next month and I’m sure they will have no problems renting them out to wotas who will want the experience of living in a dream apartment filled with the voices of their favorite member. There will be sound sensors placed at various locations in the apartment and as you pass the sensor a voice from an AKB48 member will ring out. How nice it would be to come home after a hard day’s work and hear Acchan, Yukirin or Sasshi’s voice welcoming you back.

As well as voice sensors, the shower curtains at the apartment will have life sized AKB48 photos plastered on it, also towels and hangers will have profile pictures on them too. Having pictures on walls and shower curtains is fine but seeing them on towels is going a bit too far but that’s just my opinion.



4 responses

11 08 2011

shower curtains huh, lol depends if its a mizugi pic.

as for the towels, just use another towel. If the bed sheets doesn’t have pictures on them, I’d sleep on the towel lol

11 08 2011

Some Western fans have said this voice apartment would simply be too weird and creepy for them to stay. I wouldn’t have a problem myself staying in one of these apartments, in fact I’d probably enjoy the experience.

11 08 2011

really? western fans suck! hahah jk…. who wouldn’t want to come home to a body pillow of Yuko and Aachan glaring at you from the plastered wall photo? LOL I know I wouldn’t be complaining lol

18 08 2011

I will rent it for one night if they offer it like a hotel room just to experience what it would be like. 🙂 Probably end up not sleeping because of trying to activate all the sensors. hahaha

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