Acchan Controversial T-Shirt on Hana no Kimi

12 08 2011

People living in Hiroshima prefecture have been fuming ever since the last episode of Hana no Kimi aired on August 7th. During a scene in the drama, Acchan sported a yellow t-shirt with the words LITTLE BOY on the back. This was the codeword for the atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima and coming the day after the annual Hiroshima Day on August 6th, residents in the prefecture have complained to Fuji TV that it was a little bit insensitive. Many have criticised about this on the internet and have sent emails to Fuji TV itself. I don’t think Fuji TV did this on purpose, they just didn’t recognise the word was the same as the bomb. With ratings not doing well and this latest controversy, I think we can safely say that Hana no Kimi has been a mild disaster for Fuji TV. They probably can’t wait to see the back of this drama once it’s run is over.



2 responses

12 08 2011

Still has better ratings than Ouran High School Host Club, but that was really bad timing. A lot of Japanese stuff has random English on it I bet most don’t even comprehend the meaning.

12 08 2011

It can’t get any worse than a TBS show on Tuesday evening which admired Hitler’s brainwashing techniques through his speeches.

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