Another AKB48 Sub-Unit Suffers Disappointing Sales

14 08 2011

Last week Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 didn’t do quite as well as I expected with their single ‘Hettapi Wink’ and this week DiVA have also suffered a slump with their 2nd single ‘Cry’. DiVA’s debut single did reasonably well in it’s first week selling 73k, Cry is looking around the 53k mark when the weekly charts come out on Wednesday. It didn’t look good when the 1st day sales figures come out and sales have been dropping each day since then. SKE48 was even outselling them yesterday just as they did with WH7 last week. Even Sayaka is crying about the sales figures – check out the picture below!! It’s a damn shame as this unit has so much talent and deserves to do better. Hopefully the addition of a new member soon could generate some good promotion for them.

We’ll know better with AKB48’s next single ‘Flying GET’ whether the slump in sales is perhaps the start of a backlash or not but as I’ve said before, having a CD release every week does not help the situation at all. Everybody is going through a tough time financially at present, even I can’t afford to buy every release that comes out so I have to decide in advance which ones I want to buy.



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14 08 2011
tokai / binaryriot

Yes, even if I wanted I couldn’t have bought it either. There’s some limit what one can afford to import and what not. I’ll probably get the next AKB48 single again and then the next thing is the second NMB48 single. Simply have to make some cuts with the units. 🙂

They should reorganize the release strategy a bit. But it’s probably not easy with the amount of units and sub groups they have going on there: 4 main groups currently and 5 (or 6) units who all want to release at least more than one single per year. 🙂

18 08 2011

Aki-P obviously need to stock their albums and singles with Amazon in US.

14 08 2011
Asuka Inverse

Btw, “cry” is a far better song than their first single. A pity that it didnt sell well.

14 08 2011

I expect the pattern to continue when SDN48’s single is released on Tuesday.

14 08 2011
渡辺 三郎 (@lincolnz777)

To be honest, I am broke… can’t go to concert, can’t buy a collectable..
IXA is right, have to decide in advance what to buy…
already decided to go with baby gamba…

14 08 2011
Asuka Inverse

well, SDN’s 2nd single didnt sell well as well, so yes, the same for the third… sdn’s singles aren’t very original…

14 08 2011
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15 08 2011

One of the things working against AKB48, as evidenced by these comments, seems to be that they release a new single from one of their sister/sub-groups every week or so, so fans are probably running out of money with which to buy it.

I haven’t seen any backlash- just today I was at the local Japanese shopping center (the one where the AKB48 documentary is having its US premiere) and they were quite literally on almost every magazine cover with a female (not anime/manga female) on the cover.

15 08 2011

Aki-P have mastered how to make a very popular group. The next step is to master prolonging the group stability. If they cant figure out a way to produce singles and albums in a healthy way (for both consumers and producers) the group will in turn suffer recod sales which can equate to their popularity plunge.

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