NMB48 2nd Single Announcement

14 08 2011

Today’s NMB48 handshake event gave the fans welcome news about their upcoming 2nd single. Coming off a successful debut single, NMB48 have striked while the iron is hot to carry on the interest in them from fans and the general public. Although no name for the single has been announced, the date for the release has been set to October 19th and even the senbatsu members for the single has been named.  The majority will be from Team N with 3 2nd gen kenkyuusei joining the lineup. 3 Team N members have been unlucky enough to not make it this time to the senbatsu. The lucky 16 members are:

Team N

Mayu Ogasawara
Kanako Kadowaki
Rika Kishino
Haruna Kinoshita
Riho Kotani
Rina Kondo
Kei Jonishi
Miru Shiroma
Aina Fukumoto
Nana Yamada
Sayaka Yamamoto
Akari Yoshida
Miyuki Watanabe

2nd Gen Kenkyuusei

Fuko Yagura
Keira Yogi
Eriko Jo

We’ll see with this next release whether the excellent sales figures for their debut was just a flash in the pan or can NMB48 do the same as AKB48 and SKE48 and gradually grow from strength to strength. I guess it’ll all depend on the quality of the song they’re given.




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