NMB48 Collaborate With The Hanshin Tigers Baseball Team

14 08 2011

It’s common for idol groups and baseball teams to link up with each other from time to time and now it’s NMB48’s time to collaborate with the Hanshin Tigers for their next match against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp on Wednesday 17th August. The Tigers are currently 2nd in the Central League and are chasing the leaders Tokyo Yakult Swallows. A win is essential if they have any hopes of catching them up. The Tigers are one of two teams in the league without a cheerleading squad so who better than NMB48 to rouse the crowds and spur the team on to victory. All 16 members of Team N will be on hand during the match to give their support for the team.

Before the game itself, NMB48 will perform their debut single and help the announcers of ABC TV. Team N’s captain Sayaka Yamamoto will have the honour of throwing the first pitch, having done this before when the Tigers faced the Chunichi Dragons on May 14th. NMB48 will also sport their own custom made jerseys which will feature their own trademark leopard print design along with the Tigers’ logo. During timeouts between innings, the girls will also be participating in various other activities at pitchside.

Let’s hope NMB48′ efforts will be worth something and the Tigers will be inspired to win the game.

EDIT: Even with NMB48 cheering them on, the Hanshin Tigers still managed to lose 5-4 to Hiroshima.



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18 08 2011

Do idol otakus watch baseball in Japan?

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