Mayuyu Promotes Evangelion Movie

15 08 2011

Anime fan Mayu Watanabe has been chosen by NTV to appear in several CM’s to promote their broadcast of the anime movie Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance on August 26th. This coming Friday will see Mayu in a variety of 12, 15 and 30 second length CM’s. Seeing as Neon Genesis Evangelion is my all time favorite anime, I’m pleased that Mayuyu has been chosen to do this. She’s a fan of Evangelion and sang the theme tune on Naruhodo High School.

As I like Mayuyu, here’s a bonus clip of her singing solo from a TV show. It must have been during a WH7 promotion event for Hettapi Wink. She is so cute and adorable.



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15 08 2011
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