NMB48 Kenkyuusei Member Scandal Continues

16 08 2011

Recently I posted that NMB48 2nd gen kenkyuusei member Rena Shimada had been caught talking about her boyfriend on her blog and that a purikura picture of them together had been found too. NMB48 management had let her off saying she would continue to work hard and besides they probably thought the relationship was over. Now though more damaging purikura pictures have surfaced including one in which she kisses her boyfriend. Somebody with a grudge against Rena obviously wants her out of NMB48. The pictures are dated 29th January 2011 which means that Rena would have done her audition for NMB48 but obviously not known whether she passed it or not.

NMB48 management were quite lenient with Rena the last time, will they be forced now to take appropriate action against her……….maybe even fire her? It all depends if this relationship is still ongoing. Perhaps this guy was dumped by Rena soon after being accepted into NMB48, he’s still rather peeved about it and this is his revenge by ruining her career. If this is the case it’s a rather shitty thing to do.



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16 08 2011
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[…] NMB48 Kenkyuusei Member Scandal Continues – IXA Ready These new photos were taken before she was admitted as a kenkyuusei, so I’m betting she’s (still) got a pass. […]

16 08 2011
Asuka Inverse

I agree with you, it’s probably the guy who posted these pictures, or some jealous girl that fancies him…

ganbare rena!

18 08 2011

that’s the real world for her

if she wants to be an idol in Japan, she’d better have a clean record

16 08 2011

I read on tokyohive that they broke up. It could be is revenge or someone who knew them when they were together. Still, it sucks that the girls can’t have a life outside of the group.

18 08 2011

So, another non-virgin 48 member

Another down for otaku supporters

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