Sae Celebrates Her Birthday With A Live Event

16 08 2011

August 13th saw DiVA have a live event at the Ai Chikyuu Haku Memorial Park in Nagoya to celebrate the release of their single ‘Cry’. Luckily enough one half of the Twin Towers – Sae Miyazawa was also celebrating her 21st birthday on the same day and 2,300 fans turned up in the unrelenting heat to help her have an event that she’ll cherish in her memories.

Sayaka, Umeda and Masuda even shocked Sae with their own rendition of ‘Namida Surprise’ as a birthday treat for her. After performing on stage, the 4 girls took part in stamping items of their fans choice with a variety of different stamps that the members themselves had designed (see picture below). Two similar events by DiVA will take place on Saturday 20th August at the Chiba Makuhari Messe and also on September 17th at the Senri Serushii in Osaka.

A belated happy birthday to you Sae. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your birthday after work.



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