SDN48’s 3rd Single Sales Nosedives

20 08 2011

After a strong start on Wednesday when MIN MIN MIN was released and they sold 56k, the rest of the week hasn’t been so good for SDN48 saleswise. In fact by today they were out of the Top 5 in the Oricon Daily Charts.  The first day alone should hopefully secure them a Top 3 position in next week’s Oricon Charts. Expect the 1st week sales to be between 63 – 65k.Something around the same total as Ai, Juseyo.

I did suspect last week that the pattern of below par sales for AKB48 sub units would continue with SDN48. Next week of course sees the release of AKB48’s Flying Get. I don’t expect it to top Everyday Kachuusha’s exceptional first week sales but it will still sell extremely well especially with the handshake tickets that come with the CD’s.



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21 08 2011

I am not impressed by their centers

21 08 2011
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