The Latest On Minarun/Anna Mori Scandals

21 08 2011

AKB48 Theater manager Togasaki has finally broken his silence after a couple of days to update the fans on the latest in the Minarun/Anna Mori debacle.

Basically he stated that anything the girls did in the past before they joined AKB48 except for criminal activities should be ignored. They were just ordinary teenagers doing what everybody else is doing – admiring a boy in their class, getting a boyfriend and taking purikura pictures and so forth. That’s the appeal of AKB48 to fans he said – they’re just normal people. He hasn’t been able to confirm whether the rumours in their blogs are true or not but there will be an announcement at the beginning of next month. AKB management will not let this pass by, they want to make the right decision first so they’re going to take their time about it – this is probably to appease the hardcore wotas more than anything or they’ll just keeping pushing more on the matter.

In the meantime, Minarun has been suspended for 2 theater performances (one today (21st) and the other on the 24th), officially this is due to ‘poor health condition’. The suspension could last longer until the situation has been resolved. I think the worst they will do for punishment is demote her from captain to a regular member or back to a kenkyuusei member again.



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22 08 2011
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2 09 2011
Asuka Inverse

Hum I heard some news about the scandals… some of them won’t be able to work until 2012, and Mina gives up her captain position… and Anna leaves AKB for medical reasons… do you have more details?

2 09 2011


Take a look at my latest post regarding this situation.

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