AKB48 Official Rivals – Nogizaka 46 Members Announced

22 08 2011

Sony and Aki-P’s newest idol group and the official rivals to challenge for AKB48’s dominance have been unveiled and announced. Over the past weekend, the final round of auditions took place at the Sony Music Entertainment’s Nogizaka Building. 36 spots in the group was up for grabs and 56 girls were in contention. Initially 38,934 girls tried out for auditions for the group. As well as the 36 spots, the provisional 16 senbatsu members for the group have also been chosen. The average age for the group is 16 years old – the youngest member is 12 years old and the oldest is 21 years old.

The members names, how old they are and where they come from are as follows:

Top 5 Center Members

Yoshimoto Ayaka, 14 years old, Kumamoto (Rival: Tomochin)
Sakurai Reika, 17 years old, Tokyo (Rival: Eguchi Aimi)
Akimoto Mantsu, 17 years old, Saitama (Rival: Kojima)
Ichiki Rena, 15 years old, Chiba (Rival: Acchan)
Hashimoto Nanami, 18 years old, Kanagawa (Rival: Sasshi)

Other Senbatsu Members

Ikoma Rina, 15 years old, Akita
Ikuta Erika, 14 years old, Tokyo
Miyazawa Seira, 17 years old, Chiba
Takayama Kazumi, 17 years old, Chiba
Shiraishi Mai, 18 years old, Kanagawa
Matsumura Sayuri, 18 years old, Osaka
Yamato Rina, 16 years old, Miyagi
Nakada Kana, 16 years old, Saitama
Hoshino Minami, 13 years old, Chiba
Wada Maaya, 13 years old, Hiroshima
Hatanaka Seira, 15 years old, Oita

The rest of the members are:

Kashiwa Yukina, 16 years old, Kanagawa (a former member of Momoiro Clover)
Saitou Chiharu, 14 years old, Saitama
Itou Nene, 14 years old, Tokyo
Itou Marika, 15 years old, Tokyo
Inoue Sayuri, 16 years old, Saitama
Etou Misa, 18 years old, Tokyo
Saitou Yuuri, 17 years old, Tokyo
Andou Mikumo, 18 years old, Kanagawa
Fukugawa Mai, 20 years old, Kanagawa
Wakatsuki Yumi, 17 years old, Shizuoka
Nishino Nanase, 17 years old, Osaka
Kawai Hina, 13 years old, Fukuoka
Saitou Asuka, 12 years old, Tokyo
Higuchi Hina, 13 years old, Tokyo
Iwase Yumiko, 21 years old, Saitama
Nagashima Seira, 17 years old, Aichi
Nakamoto Himeka, 15 years old, Hiroshima
Kawamura Mahiro, 16 years old, Osaka
Asou Ririko, 16 years old, Kanagawa
Yamamoto Honoka, 13 years old, Aichi

The senbatsu center member below which is Ayaka Yoshimoto is supposed to be Tomochin’s rival.

Aki-P has also revealed that they’ll be holding concerts by the end of the year and as previously mentioned will have their own TV show in October. Nogizaka 46 concerts will have a surprise in them in that there will be 2 halves seperated by a break. During the break, concert goers will be able to choose who they want to perform in the 2nd half. Aki-P feels this is unique as it will be like holding a senbatsu election every day. It’ll also make each performance different and more entertaining from the previous one as you’ll never know who will perform. They haven’t mentioned anything about having their own theater although I’m sure they’ll have their own place most probably at the Nogizaka SME Building. Aki-P has also stated that this group will do things that AKB48 cannot do – like what for example? 

To check out more on the member profiles, go to the Nogizaka 46 website: http://www.nogizaka46.com/top.html

It’ll be interesting to see how this rivalry will start to shape up – whether they’ll be able to challenge AKB48 as the biggest idol group in Japan. It’s also ridiculous that 1 Nogizaka 46 member has Aimi Eguchi as her rival even though Aimi isn’t even a proper AKB48 member and is only a CG idol.



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22 08 2011

over saturated with idol groups now! i’m sure it’ll die down…. i just really wished he pays more attention to SDN48 as they are like the “future” for older girls 😦

22 08 2011

>Aki-P has also stated that this group will do things that AKB48 cannot do

LOL WTF. Thought of:

– having boyfriends
– posing nude
– smoking
– dead-drinking
– insulting anything that moves
– singing without rhythm or tone
– chaotic dance on stage, moving without sense
– …

Sorry if I woke your imagination…

22 08 2011
Nogizaka46 Finally Arrive! | International Wota

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30 10 2011


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