Mariko Gets Her Own Fashion Magazine

22 08 2011

To be published on October 28th, Mariko has become the chief editor of her own fashion magazine which is called MARIKO MAGAZINE.

Mariko has probably more fans outside the AKB48 world than anybody else where she’s incredibly popular with women for her fashion taste and her modelling in the magazine “More”. It makes sense therefore that she should have her own magazine. A magazine of her own has been Mariko’s wish for a long time. Her magazine was supposed to be coming out a lot sooner but she was still finalising the contents for it plus with her AKB48 work it made that impossible to do so it was decided that in the Autumn would be the ideal time to launch the magazine.

The featured  photos for her new magazine has taken place at one of Mariko’s favorite cities – London (has she ever been to this country at all?). Some of the other contents that you’ll find in MARIKO MAGAZINE will be how to do your hair just like Mariko, make-up tips and exercise routines. There’s also a special deluxe edition of the magazine coming out which will have an exclusive 2012 Mariko calendar.

You can already pre-order the magazine online on Amazon Japan. It’s likely to be sold out very quickly.



3 responses

22 08 2011

After the magazine releases, will this year be the perfect time for Mariko-sama’s graduation which has been talked for years?? She’s somehow out-of-the-box AKB48 whatever being looked from any angles, IMO. Anyway, wish you best luck on whatever you do, Mariko-sama. Ganbatte!!

22 08 2011
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23 08 2011

I hope Mariko can find some time to increase her real knowledge and not rely on her looks

It won’t last long

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