SDN48 Don’t Want To Lose To Nogizaka 46

22 08 2011

Yesterday saw SDN48 hold an event at Yomiuri Land for their latest single ‘MIN MIN MIN’.

They performed 7 songs during the event which was attended by 2,500 fans. The inevitable question about Nogizaka 46 came up by reporters. Serina seems to think that the 2 years experience they have over Nogizaka 46 will hold them in good stead so they won’t be able to pass them. SDN48 don’t want to lose to them. Unfortunately Serina, it looks like SDN48 is going to lose easily to them and they haven’t even debuted yet. Nogizaka 46 will have a big publicity machine in Sony behind them who will make sure that they’re going to be on the news and in the papers. Plus the rivalry with AKB48 will be enough to generate plenty of newspaper columns in the months ahead.

I’m just waiting for the first Nogizaka 46 member to fire a shot across the bow at AKB48 and say something bad about them. If this is supposed to be a proper rivalry then let’s get the claws out and start ripping into each other. There’s no point pussyfooting around and say ‘we really like AKB48’ etc. If they want plenty of attention and plenty of headlines, then they’ll have to throw down the gauntlet to AKB48 and just say ‘we’re here and we’re going to take your crown away from you’.



3 responses

22 08 2011

lets just hope the “older” akb48 join SDN48 like Mariko, or Kojima lol

23 08 2011

Idol rivalries, I just don’t get them. Yeah it’s good PR but that’s about it.

23 08 2011

Aki-P is smart

He knows that fabricated competition is the only way to keep a idol group popular

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