Get Set For JKT48 – Indonesia’s Twin Sister Group To AKB48

23 08 2011

Aki-P wants to conquer Asia with his 48 group concept and now the first step to achieving this is underway. There were rumours last week that Indonesia had announced that JKT48, an idol group based in Jakarta was going to be formed but now it’s official. The new idol group is affiliated directly with AKB48 – this is a joint project by Dentsu and AKS. Many fans are questioning whether this project is real or not as there has been no confirmation by AKS and there hasn’t been any coverage by the Japanese media.

There will be 2 auditions – one session that’s already begun yesterday (22nd) and that runs to the 26th August and the second session will be from September 5th to 16th. Those that want to participate must be between 13 – 18 years old, of Indonesian heritage, beautiful, photogenic and talented. The audition process is scheduled to run until November where a press conference is scheduled to take place if things go according to plan. I don’t know if Aki-P himself will be directly involved and fly over to Indonesia to oversee the auditions. He’ll have some input I’m sure.

What every happened to Taiwan48 which was supposed to be happening this Summer? Is that project dead or will that be the next target for Aki-P?



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23 08 2011

maybe sisters group of SEA in the future:

JKT48 = Indonesia
MLY48 = Malaysia
SIN48 = Singapore (SGP48 is already a fanclub, cannot be reused)
THA48 = Thailand
LAO48 = Laos
CAM48 = Cambodia
VIE48 = Vietnam
BUR48 = Myanmar
TIL48 = Timor Leste

24 08 2011

PHP48 = Philippines XD

28 08 2011

haha! where in a same boat! i’m a filipino too!

28 08 2011

but for me i’m not satisfied in JKT48 and i’m not really agree in PHP48!


28 08 2011

but for me i’m not satisfied in JKT48 and i’m not really agree in PHP48!


hey i’m half japanese! by the way

1 01 2012

sigh… I hope they’ll be making AKB48 group for Malaysia too, cuz if there’s an audition for it, I will sure to come!But will they take some one who stay in hostel?

2 01 2012

I wouldn’t have thought it would bother Aki-P where some one stays – as long as that person is talented that’s all that matters.

23 08 2011

Heck, when Europe? ;(

23 08 2011

Central America might be a good target.

23 08 2011
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23 08 2011
miguel lopez

OMG !!! Seriously enough with the 48 groups…soon they are gonna get old. F*** this…

6 09 2011

Anyone who doubts JKT48’s credibility should see this:

11 09 2011
ゆうみな (@kanonoa118)

これかww  JKT48

21 10 2011

Lol.. I TH0UGHT PSP48.. Just kidding.
Dr0pping out my preference, im c0ntented with the original group, and jumping out the sick if that php48 will do ( if really will do?) then n0 thanks.. Im a filipin0 and hey. Yeah i am.. Im on the broader opposite.. Even hate ppop so much m0re with that.. XD..
So jkt48. G0od luck

12 05 2012

hi.. i happen to shoot pictures of jkt48 performances (unofficially). you can see the pics at motretjkt48 at tumblr, or click on my name. i hope my pics can help promote jkt48.


4 03 2013

Sister Grup in SEA only JKT48 !!

19 02 2014
norini michael

im waiting for MLY48… malaysia48…!!!!!!

20 02 2014

You never know – one day perhaps?

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