AKB48 – Flying Get 2nd Day Sales

25 08 2011

After yesterday’s euphoric record breaking day, what kind of sales could we expect from AKB48 today? Naturally as it happens with every 2nd day with new releases there’s a big drop and that’s to be expected. So how did AKB48 do? They managed to shift another 113,656 copies of Flying Get to nudge the grand total up to 1,139,608. Compared to the grand total of Everyday Kachuusha at the same stage, they are 54,900 copies ahead right now.

Reading other people’s blogs last night, I’d kinda forgotten about the promise that one member of the idol group PASSPO gave the press.  She would shave her head if PASSPO lost to AKB48 as they have released a single at the same time too. The challenge itself was a no-brainer as they would never win against AKB48. I’m sure as soon as she saw the sales figures yesterday she had her head in her hands and regretting the day she every agreed to do such a silly thing! Will she go ahead and shave her head or try and think that people have forgotten about it?



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25 08 2011
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