AKB48 – Flying Get 5th Day Sales

28 08 2011

Today saw AKB48 close in on breaking their own weekly record as 47,208 copies of Flying Get was sold. The grand total stands at 1,307,117. Only 26,852 copies need to be sold tomorrow to equal Everyday Kachuusha’s 1st week total but I’m  hoping that it’ll be a lot more than that. It seems that King Records have been caught out by the unprecedented demand for this single as some people are having trouble buying it. Perhaps that’s the reason we’re not seeing a bigger gap in sales between this single and Everyday Kachuusha. We could have seen maybe 1.5 million sold otherwise?



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28 08 2011
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5 09 2011

I like Akicha in here. 🙂

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