AKB48 – Flying Get 6th Day Sales – New Weekly Record

29 08 2011

AKB48 broke through their own record today as they surged past Everyday Kachuusha’s 1st week sales which stood at 1,333,969. There was a dip of around 8k in sales which saw 39,418 copies sold. The 1st week total for Flying Get and the new weekly record stands at 1.354 million – 20k copies ahead of Everyday Kachuusha. I expected the gap to be a lot bigger – more like 100k if I’m being honest.

All that needs to be done is congratulate AKB48 once more on an outstanding achievement. Let’s hope the momentum can carry on during the 2nd week and there’ll be strong sales. I’m hoping for 150k+ to boost the grand total to over 1.5 million.

AKB48 are also the first group to have 3 consecutive million selling singles since Pink Lady achieved it 33 years ago. They also tie with Pink Lady for having 9 no.1 consecutive singles.



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29 08 2011
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1 09 2011

I just got an update for their new single release pre-order and the limited edition ones are already sold out!! Just like Flying Get. Would it be a hit just like this one? 🙂

1 09 2011

I’m in the same boat too. I’m pretty peeved actually that they’re already sold out. I’ll just have to look elsewhere like Yes Asia and HMV Japan

1 09 2011

HMV Japan also sold out of the Limited Editions. Guess I’ll wait until they pop up on Yes Asia very soon.

2 09 2011

Thanks for your hard work!! Ganbare!!

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