Yuko To Star In New Drama

30 08 2011

Yuko Oshima has been given a prominent role in the new ‘Getsu9’ drama called “Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu” (Reasons Why I Can’t Fall In Love) which is due to start airing in October. Touted by some as the Japanese equivalent of Sex And The City, Yuko will star alongside model and actress Karina and Yuriko Yoshitaka.

The plot will revolve around the 3 women who have problems with their love lives. Yuko plays a character called Mako Hanzawa who annoys the men she dates with her clingy and serious personality so she ends up alone most of the time. She starts sharing a house with the other 2 women and together they strive to help one another as they tackle the problems of love.

No definite date has been given yet but it will air on Fuji TV on a Monday night at 9pm. I don’t think this drama will be anything like Sex And The City. If there’s one thing that would put me off from watching this would be seeing Yuko writhing naked with a man. I can’t see it happening though. It would horrify her male fanbase. Also no offence to Acchan or her fans but Yuko acts a whole lot better than her.



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30 08 2011
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31 08 2011
miguel lopez

If Yuko is on it i’m gonna Watch It!!! can’t wait to see her

1 09 2011

Best news of the day. cannot wait to watch Yuko in new drama *_*

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