Request Hour Best 100 2012 Details

31 08 2011

The annual 4 day Request Hour Best 100 concert dates for next year has been announced with some changes to the event. No longer will it be held at Shibuya AX but to it’s new home at Tokyo Dome City. The dates for the 2012 event is 19 – 22nd January. The other big announcement is that you will not be able to vote for any unit songs anymore – only AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and SDN48 songs will be available for you to choose. To compensate for any disappointment this may give fans,  there’ll be a special ‘Units Festival’ held on the following day after the final Request Hour concert night which is the 23rd January. It’s looking likely that a voting ticket will come with the next single (23rd) which is released on the 26th October as the voting period will be from the 25th October to the 30th November.



3 responses

1 09 2011

I think it was a superb idea to split the units up from the main concert set. The last couple of years they’ve been taking a large portion of spots because units don’t perform as often as stages. I was looking forward last year to see how some of my favorite stage songs ranked. I want to see the NMB version of Bird, because Sayaka is the first one to perform that unit that rivals Takamina (in my opinion).

1 09 2011

Good idea. Split it because there are enough songs to chose from for both Main group and sub-units. More events for the fans and more concerts to sell. Not that I’m complaining. ^_^

Question: Are the units the ones that have their own cd’s released? Example: Not Yet, D!VA, Mint(?), WRH7, no3b, French Kiss? Does solo count (Acchan & Tomochin)? How about SKE Red and White teams and the Undergilrs? What category do they fall into?

Sorry if it kind of sounded like dumb questions. Just wanted to clarify things for myself. 🙂

1 09 2011

Not Yet, DiVA etc (units that have released singles) will not be involved at all in the Request Best 100 – they’re gonna have their own concert on the 23rd. I think solo efforts by Acchan and Tomochin will not be included either from what I gather but I’m not 100% sure. As for Undergirls and SKE Red/White Team I would imagine they’ll be OK.

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