AKB48 23rd Single Ltd Editions Pre-Orders Sold Out Already

2 09 2011

I’m just posting this as a shout out for those that might be trying to get their hands on the Limited Edition versions for AKB48’s upcoming single which is being released on the 26th October. Pre-orders for the Limited Edition versions for this single sold out very quickly on both CD Japan and HMV Japan but never fear there is still hope for all of you out there that want to get your mitts on them. I know some of you don’t like to use Yes Asia and even I don’t use them a lot these days due to some of my orders in the past going missing but the Limited Edition versions are still available for you as I’ve just bought both of them there.  Be quick about it though as once people find out about CD Japan and HMV Japan not having Limited Edition copies anymore it’s Yes Asia where they’ll go to next. The links to both Limited Edition versions are below. Good luck to everybody.





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2 09 2011

Placed it! 🙂 Thanks so much for the link. I would have never thought of checking yesasia.com for it. Still, can’t count our eggs in the basket yet because it could be possible that they will run short too and they may have just failed to update their website if the preorder is still available or not. So yes, good luck to everyone! By the way, is there anything (content wise) in the limited edition that is different from the regular one aside from the handshake event ticket?

2 09 2011
tokai / binaryriot

I never had a problem to pre-order a Limited Edition (on yesasia) even if I played the order relatively late. Always got my copy. The LE edition only matters anyway if it has a better cover, since the event ticket is (usually) a bit useless for us overseas fans.

I think the “LE is sold out” hype is perhaps something that CDjapan and HVM force to increase pre-orders.

Anyway… I at least will not order my copy before the covers and the content are announced properly, because I want to choose the right type and edition for my taste. 🙂

2 09 2011

The Limited Editions will have a voting and a handshake event ticket whilst the Regular Edition will have 1 of 18 random photos of members plus the voting ticket. The content of the CD/DVD’s haven’t been announced yet.

Usually I wouldn’t be bothered if I bought the Limited or Regular edition but if there’s going to be a handshake event hopefully in late November when I’m in Tokyo then I want to have the chance of talking and shaking hands with Yuko and Sasshi so that’s why I desperately wanted the Limited Editions this time round.

3 09 2011

Now I’m torn between which of the two to get… 😦

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