Major Announcement Regarding Minarun/Anna Mori & Rena Shimada Scandals

2 09 2011

AKB48 Theater Manager Togasaki said recently that an announcement regarding 2 Team 4 members (Anna Mori and Mina Oba) was due to be given in September after rumours of past misdemeanors were found on their blog. Also Rena Shimada of NMB48 was also in trouble for some photos from her blog. AKB Management have made their decision and it’s not good so let’s go through each case one by one.

Anna Mori

Anna was in trouble over her personal blog due to communicating with an ex-boyfriend. The sad news is Anna is retiring from AKB48 immediately due to a lower back problem. In a message to the fans, Anna said that she often couldn’t appear in theater shows due to her back and it was very painful for her. She felt she couldn’t continue to be in AKB48 like this so she offered her resignation which was reluctantly accepted. Aki-P has stated that when her condition gets better he would like her to rejoin. It’s known that Anna has been suffering from back pain in her time with AKB48 so having her resign instead of being suspended for her “other problem” is less hassle for AKB48 management. I hope she does come back in the future, Anna did show some promise.

Mina Ooba

Minarun’s case was more serious than Anna’s – as well as drinking underage, there was also the enjo-kousai references in her blog plus perhaps implicating Nito Moeno as well. Minarun has been suspended now and has resigned as Team 4 captain. She herself proposed to management that she be suspended. How long this suspension lasts is not known (possibly for the rest of the year?) but she’s out of the janken tournament on September 20th for certain. Minarun apologised to fans for causing them to worry about her and will use the time off to reflect on her actions. I’m taking that this suspension is about her drinking and nothing else. If she took part in enjo kousai then I’m sure she would have been fired immediately.

So who will take over as Team 4 captain? A lot of fans have thought that Haruka Shimada would have been an obvious candidate for the captaincy when Team 4 was formed so perhaps management will turn to her. I like Haruu – she’s funny, loud, confident and has plenty to say for herself.

And finally

Rena Shimada

NMB48 2nd gen kenkyuusei Rena Shimada was also caught out on her personal blog about being in a relationship in the past which included some revealing purikura photos of her kissing her boyfriend. NMB management accepted that all of this happened in the past and were happy for Rena to continue with her duties but Rena herself thought that due to the trouble and worry she’s caused to so many people that she should be suspended which NMB management has accepted. Rena has been thankful for the great support she’s received by her fans but she felt that she couldn’t just carry on as if nothing had happened. So from tomorrow onwards, she is suspended from all activities for the rest of 2011. Just like Minarun, she is definitely out of the janken tournament.

This means now that there are 2 empty slots for the janken tournament. How the hell are they going to decide on choosing 2 other members for the janken tournament? Pick 2 names from a hat perhaps?

There’s a moral to be told from this whole sorry scenario and that’s cover up your past if you’re likely to be an idol in the future. Delete your personal blogs and make sure that any incriminating photos of yourself with a guy is taken down from the internet – that way you won’t get into trouble when your in the public eye.



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2 09 2011
Asuka Inverse

It’s a pity, but well… self-retiring worked well for Sayaka finally…

Let’s see what happens in 2012…

And for the Janken tournament… maybe they’ll play the matches again with the finalists of the last battle, dunno :/

anyways, thanks for the news :p

2 09 2011
Daniel Ogura

wait the picture is anna iriyama…….it says on the name at the bottom

2 09 2011

That’s what happens when you try and post an article in a rush. Thanks for pointing this out Daniel – it’s been changed now to a proper picture of Anna Mori.

2 09 2011
Recent AKB / NMB Scandals Lead To Suspensions, Resignation | International Wota

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3 09 2011
tokai / binaryriot

1st, I think deleting some content from the Internet isn’t so easy as it sounds. AFAIK some of Minarun’s blog content was actually restored with the Wayback Machine (, at least I remember some screenshots of her old blog entries inside that very interface.

2nd, I don’t think they fill up those empty spots in the Janken Tournament. Last year Erepyon’s spot wasn’t filled up either. It simply means that the two opposing girls in the first-round battles advanced one round already.

4 09 2011
Asuka Inverse

another 2 NMB fired…. aki-P’s staff is really mean these days…

4 09 2011

Thanks for this Asuka. I’ll update my post and try and find out why they’ve requested to be suspended.

I’ve done a new post on this breaking news.

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