Fancy Appearing On A Magazine Cover With Your AKB48 Oshii?

3 09 2011

FLASH magazine are giving AKB48 fans a chance of appearing on the cover of their magazine with their favorite member in a special competition. It all revolves around the janken tournament which is happening on the 20th September. What do you have to do to win this special prize? Predict the Top 8 winners in order. There’s an official guidebook for the tournament coming out on Monday with a special application form inside it. All you have to do is just write your predictions down, send it away and hope for the best that what you’ve written down comes true on the 20th. However, the probability of winning this prize is incredibly low – in fact it’s something like 1 in a trillion. I do hope that somebody gets to win this prize though.

That’s not the only prize on offer though. Those who predict the Top 3 in order will win a special prize. The chances of winning this prize is definitely better. You’re asking yourself what this special prize is all about? 10 people drawn from a lottery will receive an invitation to an AKB48 concert after-party. Hell that would be so cool. Hanging out with your favorite idols at a party – sounds great to me. For those that predict the Top 3 but not in any order will have a chance to watch an AKB48 concert from VIP seats.

A brilliant marketing ploy by AKB management which will see sales of the guidebook probably sell out easily on Monday as fans drool over the prizes on offer. Good luck to all that will participate in the competition.



5 responses

3 09 2011

It would be awesome to win any of those prizes!

3 09 2011
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4 09 2011

Looking at the title, is it fancy or fans?

4 09 2011

It’s fancy as in ‘how would you like’

5 09 2011

Alright, just checking.

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