2 More NMB48 Members Suspended

4 09 2011

It’s been quite a weekend for AKB48 and NMB48 fans with 2 members suspended and 1 member that’s resigned. It’s not the end of the story though with breaking news that 2 more NMB48 members have requested that they be suspended. The members are Akari Yoshida and Shiori Matsuda. I still don’t know what they’ve done to warrant this suspension but once I find out I’ll update this post but there is a rumour going round that they let some male fans into their hotel room. If this is the case why they’ve been suspended then they’re incredibly stupid for it and should’ve known better.

AKB and NMB management are really gunning for blood this weekend. It seems they’re determined to weed out any scandals some of the members might be involved in. There could be more casualties soon. SKE48 have come out of this cleanly………….so far that is!



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4 09 2011
Asuka Inverse

Ok Mister Detective :p

4 09 2011

Detective Conan at your service!!

4 09 2011

Damn it… this time “finally” my fav was shot down. Even group fav. Aaaaaaaaaaargh!

5 09 2011

Man, this kind of sucks. I’ve also heard rumors that Kondo Rina and Watanabe Miyuki may be involved as well, which also sucks.

5 09 2011

I’ve heard also that there might be 4 members involved in the hotel incident so could we see more suspensions coming soon?

5 09 2011
tokai / binaryriot

Male fans in the hotel room? Now that’s the most ***** rumor I heard so far. 🙂 They are underage.. why would they let some old male wotas into her room? I doubt they are THAT stupid. 🙂

It’s probably something much more harmless which created some minor commotion which lead to those suspensions. They are idols everything gets blown out of proportion for them. 🙂

5 09 2011
More On The Latest NMB48 Suspensions | International Wota

[…] the information is still coming in. IXA Ready was the first to catch it in our wotasphere, as was noted yesterday, with Pure Idol Heart and Okay! […]

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