Acchan Holds Her 1st Solo Live Event

5 09 2011

Let’s have some happy news for a change after the doom and gloom over the weekend with the suspensions and resignation.

Yesterday saw Acchan hold her first solo live event at Yomiuri Land and 6,000 fans came to see her. Usually for AKB48 sub units when they do live events you can expect to see around 3-4,000 fans but this just shows how popular Acchan really is when you have 6,000 people turning up. Acchan seemed to be in a happy and smiling mood throughout the event in which she sang 4 songs from her debut solo single and she was accompanied by a band – singing live with a band is something she’s wanted to do for a while so she was happy that she was able to do that.

She shared with the fans that in an ideal event she would have liked her best friend Takamina to be the MC as she would liven things up before she hit the stage.

After performing, a handshake event was held. With so many people in attendance, Acchan had a lot of shaking hands to do!



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