Yuko Suffering With A Lower Back Injury

5 09 2011

Tomochin isn’t the only one suffering with an injury in AKB48. At the Nagoya handshake event yesterday, Yuko had to sit down to shake hands partway into the event due to a lower back problem. Apparently Yuko has been suffering with this problem for some time but it got worse yesterday and she was in some discomfort. She apologised to fans on her blog that she made them worry about her. If she doesn’t rest her back sufficiently enough, this problem will come back with a vengeance so she seek the advice of a doctor. Dancing around on stage doesn’t help things I imagine.

I hope your back gets better soon Yuko.



8 responses

6 09 2011
miguel lopez

Poor Yuko!!!

6 09 2011
tokai / binaryriot

All the hard work comes with a price. It’s something we fans are usually not that aware of (or do not want to think about it). Get well better soon, Yuko!

6 09 2011

Damn. Everyone from every48 group needs rest, with promotion and performances, traveling from here and there. All the sales they get, their management needs to send them off for a light vacation. I hope both Tomochin and Yuko get well soon

6 09 2011

hope that Tomochin and Yuko will get well soon, specially Yuko with her back injury cause she has a big drama role ahead.

6 09 2011
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7 09 2011
Moehajiru Hemoh Hemoh

Hayaku genki natte ne~. . . . .

7 09 2011
Francisco pereira

…Bravo pequeña, excelente trabajo!…

7 09 2011

Get well soon Yuko!

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