Miichan Virus Mystery Solved

6 09 2011

Some of you may have noticed whilst watching last Friday’s Shukan AKB that the usual preview for the following week was replaced by slideshow images of Miichan from past episodes. Even the opening to Nemousu TV was changed to show Miichan but that’s not all. Covers of past photobooks, CD singles had also been doctored to show only Miichan and a special Flying Get PV (all Minegishi version) was made so what was going on? What was the purpose of this so-called Miichan virus that’s was going around? AKB management said that everything would be revealed today. Somebody had been really working hard to create all of this.

Fans were speculating – a new solo TV show for her like Sasshi, a solo singing career, graduation perhaps but no, it was nothing of the sort. It’s only a promotion for the antivirus software Kaspersky. Clever though but I expected something major going on for Miichan. Bit disappointed in the end.

Here’s the link to the Kaspersky Japan page on Facebook below:

Kaspersky Promotion on Facebook and then there’s this as well.



One response

6 09 2011

It would be funnier if the virus changed everyone’s face into Aki-P’s.

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