Fallout From NMB48’s Rumoured Scandal Continues

7 09 2011

NMB48 management haven’t said anything to the press about a scandal but it seems pretty obvious to all the fans that something has been going on behind the scenes with 4 NMB48 members. I did mention about a rumoured scandal involving some male fans being invited to a hotel room with 4 NMB48 members. Who knows if that rumour is true or not? What we know already is that 2 members (Akari Yoshida and Shiori Matsuda) have already requested to be suspended which has been accepted but now 2 other important Team N front girls who would have been guaranteed a place in the senbatsu for their 2nd single which is released on October 19th have now been mysteriously dropped with no word why this has taken place. They are Rina Kondo and Miyuke Watanabe. There is no other explanation for this demotion other than they’ve done something wrong and are being punished for it. I hope we’ll be told what they’ve done soon enough. They’ve been replaced by Yuki Yamaguchi, Ayaka Murakami and Natsumi Yamagishi.

So now the senbatsu lineup for the new single which still does not have a title looks like this:

Team N

Kanako Kadowaki
Rika Kishino
Kei Jonishi
Mayu Ogasawara
Haruna Kinoshita
Riho Kotani
Miru Shiroma
Aina Fukumoto
Nana Yamada
Yuki Yamaguchi
Sayaka Yamamoto


Eriko Jo
Natsumi Yamagishi
Ayaka Murakami
Fuko Yagura
Keira Yogi

It all started so well for NMB48. A record breaking selling debut single and the future was looking rosy for them. This ‘scandal’ has temporarily derailed them a bit but I’m sure they’ll bounce back. In the light of recent scandals it’s clear that AKB and NMB management will not tolerate any more of them and it wouldn’t surprise me if all of the 000 family members have been given a warning to abide by the rules in their contract and that any further scandals in the future will result in perhaps them being fired.




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7 09 2011
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8 09 2011

All these scandals seems to be affecting the younger OOO48 groups.
I wonder if SDN48 has their share of scandals and same set of rules in their contracts. Or, do they have some immunity given the generation gap.

8 09 2011

I believe the same rules apply to all of the ooo groups including SDN48 regardless of the fact that they’re a more mature group. Management want to keep the image of them as pure sexy virgins so no boyfriends allowed!

This rule obviously did not apply for graduated 2nd gen SDN48 member Yuka Ninomiya who’s married. Not sure how many fans know that fact.

8 09 2011

I remember SDN48 mentioning before that they CAN date.

8 09 2011

It would make more sense for the rules to be relaxed for them.

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