Flying Get Handshake Event Withdrawals/Incidents

11 09 2011

Yesterday’s Flying Get handshake event has seen a couple of incidents which has pissed off some of the AKB48 members.

Tomomi Kasai was not a happy bunny judging by her tweets as many of the people that came to shake her hand said she was ‘ero’. I thought Kasai would be delighted that her fans see her as being sexy but it seems the word ‘ero’ is more of a vulgar expression in Japan and being called this word today hurt her feelings a lot. Kasai also seemed to think that she’s done something bad to be called ‘ero’.

Reina Fujie is another member that wasn’t happy at being called Uzareinyan at the event. This word means ‘Annoying Reina’.Ā  She has threatened though that if she’s called that again at today’s handshake event she will ignore the fans.

The worst incident happened to Sayaka when a male fan gave her the middle finger and made her angry. Seriously, you do not want to piss Sayaka off. Sayaka laughed it off at first but after security pulled the fan away he continued to stare at her before running away still giving her the middle finger. His friend who was next in line to see Sayaka got a mouthful from her and it got so loud that other people in the distance could hear her berate the fan. She told him to tell his friend to come and apologise. The offending fan did come back in the end and Sayaka gave him a right rollocking until he apologised. This he did and Sayaka was quite happy to shake hands with him after that so it all ended with smiles but why did the idiot want to give Sayaka the middle finger in the first place. Did she refuse to do something for him?

There’s a couple of withdrawals from today’s handshake event:

Haruka Shimada isn’t feeling very well so she won’t be turning up and even Sae has been forced to withdraw due to illness so her 3rd – 6th session has been cancelled.

EDIT: Another AKB48 member has cancelled 2 handshake sessions due to being unwell. This time it’s Yuko. I wonder if it’s her back trouble flaring up again?



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11 09 2011
tokai / binaryriot

Well, since we were not there it’s a bit hard to judge what the girls really think about those situations.

But in case of Reina, I think, it is a bit her own “fault” as she wrote those things on her blog *before* the event… jokingly something in the direction to “don’t call me this” and “don’t look for my pimples”. Now, if the fans say those things to her I don’t think they meant ill, they were just joking around ā€” after all those are fans that read her blog (something to consider in this very case). Anyway… if she didn’t like this kind of feedback then she certainly has learned something for the next time to not put such things on her blog. šŸ™‚

About the Kasai-ero thingy… isn’t that something even AkiP himself said about her (on a recent AKB48 appearance on some EXILE show)? šŸ˜®

In any case I hope Haruka and Sae will be healthy soon again.

11 09 2011

Yes, you’re correct that Aki-P did indeed say something on EXILE’s TV show. I’d find it a bit funny if Kasai went up to Aki-P and scolded him for saying that!!

I think you’re right about the Reina incident. I don’t think the fans were being cruel on purpose, it was meant in jest but she took it the wrong way.

12 09 2011

well even if Kasai scolds Aki-P now, looks like its too late. I found that bit really funny too.

and wow at what happened to Sayaka. Good thing Sayaka was on idol mode, if she wasn’t she would’ve High Kick-ed her ass literally or things could’ve been “Gore-y” šŸ˜›

13 09 2011
You Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape, And You Certainly Don’t Give Sayaka The Middle Finger | International Wota

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17 09 2011
Asuka Inverse

I just saw this today… scary ><

How can fans say such things? šŸ˜¦

19 09 2011

Thanks for the link Asuka. OMG that is disgusting. Rena seems to be in the firing line in those photos. I don’t know what I’d do if I heard somebody in front of me saying obscene stuff to my favorite idol – maybe I’d flatten him!!

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