Kago Ai Tries To Kill Herself

11 09 2011

I know this is an AKB48 blog but I just had to write something about what has happened to the ex-idol Aibon. Kago Ai was one of my favorite members of Morning Musume for many years and to hear that she tried to committ suicide by ingesting large amounts of medication and that she slit her wrists today is very sad and heartbreaking to hear. This isn’t the first time for her to try and take her own life. Thankfully medical personnel have saved her and she is no longer in danger. Her life has been one big mess since she was fired from Hello Project although she has tried her best to turn her life around but the bad choices in boyfriends has not helped her cause (her latest one being a 44 year old restaurant owner who has close ties with a yakuza clan and who was arrested last week and Kago herself was questioned by the cops).

Kago had called her agency in what was a cry for help. They immediately knew that something was amiss due to the nature of the call so they rushed to her place and found her on the floor of her apartment at Roppongi in a confused state. The police were then immediately called at 11.55am this morning with an ambulance in tow.

Please Kago, sort your life out and get some professional help. You might have thought killing yourself was the only way out but it’s not. Don’t give up on living. Life is a gift and to throw all it away like this is not an option. Stay strong. It’s nothing to be ashamed of to ask for help. Get well soon.



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11 09 2011

Ai’s boyfriend just claimed to know members high up in the Yamaguchi clan, he never claimed to be yakuza. I think she got caught up in her boyfriend’s plans to scare the individuals that he owed alot of money too. I believe the police just wanted to know if she knew anything about her boyfriends plan’s, but was never thought of as a co-conspirator. She needs to the big city and start her life anew; fresh surroundings and less chaos.

11 09 2011
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11 09 2011
Asuka Inverse

Cheer up Aibon !

11 09 2011

okay. this is when i have to step in.
“her fucked up life”
“You might have thought killing yourself was the only way out of your miserable existense”

That’s actually really horrible to say. How can you say her existance is horrible and that she has a fucked up life? Just because she has some problems and really dosen’t know what to do next to help herself, it’s really not her fault. Yes, she needs help. But you just saying that she has a fucked up life and that she has a miserable existance would just make her think worse of herself! It’s those kind of sayings that make her feel worse about herself.

I’m sorry if you don’t like this, but I’m just saying what i feel. I’m both a fan of AKB and morning musume and i feel that they should be treated equally. I know you were a fan of morning musume, but it appears you have abandoned them. I don’t think i would see you say this sort of stuff if an akb member was in this position.

Take what im saying to thought.

12 09 2011

she’s not going to read this though… And she’s made some really poor career choices. Girls from AKB have done so in the past (Nakanishi Rina the porn star) and I don’t see how being a fan of something impairs the judgement of that person about matters that have nothing to do with their job as idols.

Also, if the poster thought that this was a relevant enough subject to discuss here even though this is an AKB blog then he must have a reason for it, probably attachment to her (as they have already pointed to when they wrote that she was one of their favorite members).

The language was probably too straightforward for your taste, but the well wishes and positive overall tone of the whole post prevail IMO.

12 09 2011

Fair point Guilia but you’re twisting my words a little bit here. I was just saying that Kago herself must think she has a miserable existense and her life not worth living to try and kill herself. You can see that I’m supporting her at this low ebb in her life and I’m certainly not trying to kick her when she’s down.

You have to admit that Kago’s downfall has been mostly her own fault. She got a 2nd chance to redeem herself in 2007 and she screwed it up. Perhaps saying ‘fucked up life’ was a bit too much on my part and I apologise if it upset you. I’ve changed the article now so hopefully nobody else will be offended by it.

And thanks Milly for your comments.

12 09 2011

I really thought that she was getting better, i really hope she realizes that she still has fans that care about her.

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