Team 4 Finally Get Their Own Stage

15 09 2011

Before everybody gets all excited and thinking this is going to be a brand new stage with new songs then I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. Team 4’s stage which will be starting sometime in October is basically a revival of Himawari-gumi’s 1st stage “Boku no Taiyou”. OK, so it might not be a brand new stage but there’s still some great tunes to be had here. It’ll certainly be interesting to see their version of the ultra sexy Lay Down!

This is the setlist for the stage:

01. Dreamin’ girls
03. Mirai no kajitsu
04. Viva! Hurricane
05. Idol Nante Yobanaide
06. Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster
07. Higurashi no Koi
08. Itoshisa no defense
09. Himawari
10. Takeuchi Senpai
11. Sonna Konna Wake de
12. Deja Vu
13. Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?
14. Lay down
15. BINGO!
16. Boku no Taiyou

As 2 members of Team 4 (Mina Oba and Anna Mori) won’t be participating in this stage due to reasons explained in previous posts, the current active members will be joined by 6 kenkyuusei to make up the numbers. I really like Team 4 a lot these days, of course I’d like it a hell of a lot more if Minarun was active but she’ll be back.

I’m not saying the current stages by all AKB teams are getting stale right now but I’d say the fans want a new stage and hopefully there will be one in 2012.



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