AKB48 23rd Single – Kaze Wa Fuiteiru PV Preview

16 09 2011

Thanks to Asuka for the heads up on this, a preview of AKB48’s new single has appeared on Youtube. Many fans who has seen this says it looks like a cheap and simple PV – it’s something different from AKB48. Very gothic looking with the mist and the dark setting. As for the song itself, well there seems to be a split opinion about it – again some fans say it sounds like a weak song. I didn’t really like Flying Get at first but it grew on me. I can see this song doing the same. On listening to it the first time It’s not bad. The song has been written to continue AKB48’s efforts to support the areas that was affected by the tsunami which is why you see in the PV the members visiting people living in shelters. Some of the money from the sales of this single will go towards the disaster fund.

From looking at the preview, it looks like the senbatsu members are:

Rena Matsui
Rino Sashihara
Sae Miyazawa
Maeda Atsuko
Mayu Watanabe
Minami Takahashi
Aki Takajo
Yuko Oshima
Kojima Haruna
Jurina Matsui
Tomomi Itano
Yuki Kashiwagi
Mariko Shinoda
Rie Kitahara
Yui Yokoyama
Tomomi Kasai
Minami Minegishi
Sayaka Yamamoto

So in addition to Rena and Jurina from SKE48, we now have an NMB48 member added to the mix. Can we assume that when HKT48 finally debut there’ll be a member from that group added to future AKB48 single releases as well.



4 responses

16 09 2011
Asuka Inverse

The song looks great, but the PV seems boring, The looks are not flattering at all. :/

16 09 2011

oh,amazing!love it from first listening!!!

16 09 2011
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17 09 2011

i actually really like this :p
i didn’t really like flying get much, the pv especially, but the song is growing on me. This song from first listen draws me in and makes me want to listen to more! I think it’s more of a song that is supposed to draw people in and feel the pain that people felt int the tsunami because it’s a very dark and ballad song. Neverless, I have high hopes for it and im excited for it!
Akb has not done something like this before and it makes me curious to how it might sell. Will people be more drawn to their fpositive and flashy songs? Or something simple?

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