Not yet To Star In Their Own TV Show

16 09 2011

AKB48 sub-unit Not yet are going to get their own variety TV show which starts airing on Sunday 16th October on TBS from 12.50am – 1.20am. I’m really excited about this as Not yet are my current favorite sub-unit and it contains 3 of my favorite Top 10 members. The title of the show is called Yonpara which in English is short for 4 member paradise.

It’s not known what kind of show this will be as no other details have come out yet. Anything will Yuko and Sasshi will no doubt have some kind of comedy element to it however small it may be. We know that Sasshi can carry a TV show on her own. It’ll also be a good chance for people like myself who hasn’t been kind in the past to Yui Yokoyama due to her epic push to get to know her personality a bit better. I have warmed up to her a lot over the past 2/3 months.

I can’t wait for this show to start.






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