SKE48 7th Single – Okie Dokie

18 09 2011

During yesterday’s mini live and handshake event at Nagoya for ‘Pareo wa Emerald’, the title and release date for SKE48’s next single was announced. The title is called ‘Okie Dokie’ and it’ll be released on November 9th. Apart from that there’s very little known about the single apart from the fact that there’ll be 4 versions (Type A, B & C) which will be a CD & DVD combo as per usual and a Theater version.

Depending on how good this single turns out, expect SKE48 to take another giant step into cementing their huge popularity which saw record breaking sales for Pareo wa Emerald (444,271 copies sold to date). Okie Dokie could be the single to finally break the 500k barrier for them.

EDIT: Included with the single will be a voting card for SKE48’s Request Hour Best 50 which will be held on November 26th/27th.



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