AKB48 Janken Tournament 2011 – Shocks & Surprises Galore!!

20 09 2011

This year’s janken tournament finished some hours ago and if you haven’t heard the news there has been a lot of twists and turns like last year so let’s go through the main news that came out today and who eventually triumphed and became the Queen Of Janken.

Unlike last year, this year’s champion is a regular senbatsu member and it’s none other than Mariko Shinoda who couldn’t participate last year. Mariko stormed through the rounds to set up a tense final with Reina Fujie. Reinyan did extraordinary well. 10 out of the normal 16 senbatsu members were dumped out at the first hurdle which included Tomochin, Yukirin and Mocchi. Tomochin is not having a good 2011 at all. Last year’s champion Mayuchi had a very disappointing tournament and was ousted by Sasshi but the biggest shock was Acchan being beaten by Sayaka which will no doubt make some people happy! Another member to benefit in the tournament was Miichan who reached the semi-finals. Judging by the forums I was looking at earlier on Miichan had a lot of support. Miichan lost to the eventual winner. I’m really happy for Mariko winning the tournament but gutted that my oshi Sasshi and Yuko did not do as well as expected. It came very close to a kenkyuusei member being in the final. It doesn’t really matter which way you look at it – janken is a game of luck after all and had things gone differently we could perhaps have seen somebody like Moeno or Harugon in the final.

So this is how each round went down:

Round 1
[A Block]
Hikawa Ayame vs. Nakamura Mariko – (Winner: Hikawa Ayame)
[B Block]
Hirajima Natsumi vs. Mori Anna – (Winner: Hirajima Natsumi (Default win))
[C Block]
Kashiwagi Yuki vs. Kikuchi Ayaka – (Winner: Kikuchi Ayaka)
[D Block ]
Nakatsuka Tomomi vs Ichikawa Miori – (Winner: Ichikawa Miori)
[E Block]
Ishida Haruka vs. Nito Moeno – (Winner: Ishida Haruka)
[F Block]
Matsubara Natsumi vs. Wakabayashi Tomoka – (Winner: Wakabayashi Tomoka)
[G Block]
Shimada Haruka vs. Kuramochi Asuka – (Winner: Shimada Haruka)

Round 2
[A Block]
Hikawa Ayame vs. Nakagawa Haruka – (Winner: Hikawa Ayame)
Nakata Chisato vs. Yogi Keira – (Winner: Nakata Chisato)
Suzuki Shihori vs. Ota Aika – (Winner: Ota Aika)
Akimoto Sayaka vs. Maeda Atsuko – (Winner: Akimoto Sayaka)
[B Block]
Hirajima Natsumi vs. Komori Mika – (Winner: Komori Mika)
Shimada Rena vs. Kobayashi Marina – (Winner: Kobayashi Marina (Default win))
Sato Mieko vs. Fujita Runa – (Winner: Fujita Runa)
Yonezawa Rumi vs. Umeda Ayaka – (Winner: Umeda Ayaka)
[C Block]
Kikuchi Ayaka vs. Izuta Rina – (Winner: Kikuchi Ayaka)
Shimazaki Haruka vs. Fujie Reina – (Winner: Fujie Reina)
Oba Mina vs. Kasai Tomomi – (Winner: Kasai Tomomi (Default win))
Nonaka Misato vs. Sato Natsuki – (Winner: Nonaka Misato)
[D Block]
Ichkawa Miori vs. Iwasa Misaki – (Winner: Ichikawa Miori)
Sato Sumire vs. Nagao Mariya – (Winner: Sato Sumire)
Nakaya Sayaka vs. Watanabe Mayu – (Winner: Watanabe Mayu)
Yokoyama Yui vs. Kuwabara Mizuki – (Winner: Kuwabara Mizuki)
[E Block]
Ishida Haruka vs. Tanabe Miku – (Winner: Tanabe Miku)
Kobayashi Kana vs. Oya Shizuka – (Winner: Oya Shizuka)
Takajo Aki vs. Nakamata Shiori – (Winner: Takajo Aki)
Kojima Haruna vs. Takahashi Minami – (Winner: Kojima Haruna)
[F Block]
Wakabayashi Tomoka vs. Masuda Yuka – (Winner: Masuda Yuka)
Takeuchi Miyu vs. Yamaguchi Yuki – (Winner: Yamaguchi Yuki)
Chikano Rina vs. Shinoda Mariko – (Winner: Shinoda Mariko)
Suzuki Mariya vs. Matsui Sakiko – (Winner: Suzuki Mariya)
[G Block]
Shimada Haruka vs. Minegishi Minami – (Winner: Minegishi Minami)
Matsui Jurina vs. Miyazawa Sae – (Winner: Matsui Jurina)
Miyazaki Miho vs. Yamauchi Suzuran – (Winner: Yamauchi Suzuran)
Sato Amina vs. Takeuchi Mai – (Winner: Sato Amina)
[H Block]
Katayama Haruka vs. Iriyama Anna – (Winner: Iriyama Anna)
Kitahara Rie vs. Itano Tomomi – (Winner: Kitahara Rie)
Oshima Yuko vs. Maeda Ami – (Winner: Maeda Ami)
Sashihara Rino vs. Uchida Mayumi – (Winner: Sashihara Rino)

Round 3
[A Block]
Hikawa Ayame vs. Nakata Chisato – (Winner: Hikawa Ayame)
Ota Aika vs. Akimoto Sayaka – (Winner: Akimoto Sayaka)
[B Block]
Komori Mika vs. Kobayashi Marina – (Winner: Kobayashi Marina)
Fujita Runa vs. Umeda Ayaka – (Winner: Umeda Ayaka)
[C Block]
Kikuchi Ayaka vs. Fujie Reina – (Winner: Fujie Reina)
Kasai Tomomi vs. Nonaka Misato – (Winner: Kasai Tomomi)
[D Block]
Ichikawa Miori vs. Sato Sumiere – (Winner: Sato Sumire)
Watanabe Mayu vs. Kuwabara Mizuki – (Winner: Kuwabara Mizuki)
[E Block]
Tanabe Miku vs. Oya Shizuka – (Winner: Oya Shizuka)
Takajo Aki vs. Kojima Haruna – (Winner: Kojima Haruna)
[F Block]
Masuda Yuka vs. Yamaguchi Yuki – (Winner: Yamaguchi Yuki)
Shinoda Mariko vs. Suzuki Mariya – (Winner: Shinoda Mariko)
[G Block]
Minegishi Minami vs. Matsui Jurina – (Winner: Minegishi Minami)
Yamauchi Suzuran vs. Sato Amina – (Winner: Yamauchi Suzuran)
[H Block]
Iriyama Anna vs. Kitahara Rie – (Winner: Kitahara Rie)
Maeda Ami vs. Sashihara Rino – (Winner: Maeda Ami)

Round 4
Hikawa Ayame vs. Akimoto Sayaka – (Winner: Akimoto Sayaka)
Kobayashi Marina vs. Umeda Ayaka – (Winner: Kobayashi Marina)
Fujie Reina vs. Kasai Tomomi – (Winner: Fujie Reina)
Sato Sumire vs. Kuwabara Mizuki – (Winner: Sato Sumire)
Oya Shizuka vs. Kojima Haruna – (Winner: Oya Shizuka)
Yamaguchi Yuki vs. Shinoda Mariko – (Winner: Shinoda Mariko)
Minegishi Minami vs. Yamauchi Suzuran – (Winner: Minegishi Minami)
Kitahara Rie vs. Maeda Ami – (Winner: Maeda Ami)

Quarter Finals
Akimoto Sayaka vs. Kobayashi Marina – (Winner: Kobayashi Marina)
Fujie Reina vs. Sato Sumire – (Winner: Fujie Reina)
Oya Shizuka vs. Shinoda Mariko – (Winner: Shinoda Mariko)
Minegishi Minami vs. Maeda Ami – (Winner: Minegishi Minami)

Semi Finals
Kobayashi Marina vs. Fujie Reina – (Winner: Fujie Reina)
Shinoda Mariko vs. Minegishi Minami – (Winner: Shinoda Mariko)

Fujie Reina vs Shinoda Mariko – (Winner: Shinoda Mariko)

So the senbatsu for the 24th single looks like this (it’s not in any order from the tournament):

Mariko Shinoda
Reina Fujie
Marina Kobayashi (KKS)
Minami Minegishi
Sayaka Akimoto
Sumire Sato
Shizuka Oya
Ami Maeda
Ayame Hikawa (NMB48 KKS)
Ayaka Umeda
Tomomi Kasai
Mizuki Kuwabara (SKE48)
Kojima Haruna
Yuki Yamaguchi (NMB48)
Suzuran Yamauchi
Rie Kitahara

Many congratulations to Mariko on a fabulous win for her. There’s a nice mix in the senbatsu for the single. What are your thoughts on what took place in the tournament?



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20 09 2011

The ranking for the AKB48 24th Single Jyanken Tournament.

1: Shinoda Mariko
2: Fujie Reina
3: Minegishi Minami
4: Kobayashi Marina
5: Akimoto Sayaka
6: Oya Shizuka
7: Maeda Ami
8: Sato Sumire
9: Hikawa Ayame (NMB48)
10: Umeda Ayaka
11: Kasai Tomomi
12: Kuwabara Mizuki (SKE48)
13: Kojima Haruna
14: Yamaguchi Yuki (NMB48)
15: Yamauchi Suzuran
16: Kitahara Rie

Original Source: http://ameblo.jp/akihabara48/entry-11024136395.html

20 09 2011
Shinoda Mariko Wins AKB Janken Tournament! | International Wota

[…] Mariko earns center position in AKB48 janken tournament – Tokyograph AKB48 Janken Tournament 2011 – Shocks & Surprises Galore!! – IXA Ready Fans Celebrate Mariko’s Victory – IXA Ready AKB48′s 2nd Janken Taikai […]

20 09 2011

I am so happy for Mariko-sama.I hope AkiP gives them a great song.Happy for Oya and Minegishi.

Sayaka making it is great too,she’s been through some ups and downs,but this is a definite up.And looks like Kojima seems blessed to appear in every video.

Sad for Yuko,I would like her cheeky smile in every performance,but at least this process is fair.Must drive the Agency’s mad though.

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