J-Day Has Finally Arrived/Flying Get News

20 09 2011

It’s J-Day (Janken Day)! I’m sure many of you are excited and anxiously awaiting news from the janken tournament that will begin later on today in Tokyo. Full results from the tournament will appear on this site tonight. Good luck to all of your oshi.

After 4 weeks on release, Flying Get has reached 1.5 million sales. This is the 2nd consecutive single from AKB48 to reach this milestone. Only 4 other artists have done this before (B’z, Kinki Kids, Mr Children (twice) and Hikaru Utada) but AKB48 is the first female group to achieve this. Naturally the AKB48 haters out there are saying that this was only possible due to the fact that AKB48 have multiple versions of their single and their fans buy all of them. They don’t like the fact that AKB48 are appearing on this list with respected J-music artists. The haters will do anything to discredit AKB48 – quite pathetic really.



5 responses

20 09 2011

If you are gonna watch it, I hope that you will post updates for those like me unfortunate enough not to see the broadcast. 🙂

20 09 2011

I’d like to watch it but I’ll be at work so I’ll have to catch up on the results after I come back home.

20 09 2011

Yaay! I want to sleep right but the Janken starts in 2 hours. I guess I’ll keepan alarm. Wake up, do some studying for my exams tomorrow and side by side keep updated. (Live reports is all I’ve got. *sigh*)

20 09 2011

Results are in; Shinoda Mariko is Queen and Center!!!

This single’s senbatsu lineup is totally awesome at so many different levels.

20 09 2011

…including heaviest media weapons (Mariko, Miichan) on top! Surprisingly this single still retains CHANCE of selling better than previous. I guess it will be stylish and mature 😉

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