More Videos From The Janken Tournament

21 09 2011

Some more videos have popped up on Youtube from some Japanese TV shows reporting about the janken tournament. Apparently Sasshi’s T-shirt that she was wearing  translated as chicken shit or coward in English!! Mayuyu looked cute in her pink outfit and Miichan was very animated after her victories in the early rounds. Fair play to Acchan for being gracious in defeat and having a smile on her face. The 3rd video is funny showing Takamina’s reaction after being beaten by Kojima and Miichan puts on a mask of her face on Jurina after beating her! The 4th video shows more outfits from the tournament including Kana Kobayashi who came out in her bath towel!



2 responses

21 09 2011

Jurina got owned by Miichan! LoL

22 09 2011
The Kick-Ass Pageantry Of The Janken Tournament | International Wota

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