Sasshi’s Janken Tournament 2011/Copping A Feel!

23 09 2011

Here’s a couple of Sasshi videos that have been uploaded to Youtube which won’t be on there by the end of the weekend.

The first chronicles how Sasshi did at this year’s janken tournament. Witness the tense match with Mayuchi who tries to psych out Sasshi with her stares! You can almost feel Mayuchi’s eyes burrowing into her head. Her tactics doesn’t work as Sasshi looks away!!

The second video is from Sasshi’s TV show ‘Sashiko no Kuse ni’ and shows her copping a feel of 2 rather busty women who have F cup breasts. We all know how Yuko liked feeling the Kanno Sisters so how would Sasshi enjoy her experience of touching these women’s breasts!!

The MC’s description of breast cup sizes is funny:

A – Accident
B – Bad
C – Cute
D – Dream
E – Elegant
F – Fantastic
G – Great
H – Harley Davidson



2 responses

23 09 2011

I swear they aren’t F-cup breasts – I know a MAN well trained in martial arts and he would have F cup for just muscles… Measurement was legit and proper, however done for fun.

These girls have “something” near or above J.

25 09 2011

Hahaha Sasshiiii~ omg

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