AK98 – The Chinese Equivalent of AKB48

25 09 2011

It seems these days that China loves to copy everything Japanese. Not content with copying mascots, theme parks and anime characters now they’re copying idol groups too.

Say hello to AK98 which is the chinese equivalent of AKB48. This new idol group is run by a company called sina.com. I don’t know if this is true or not but apparently it has cost the equivalent of $4 million dollars to create AK98! Their manager says he has never heard of AKB48 but if you take a look at the audition video below why do they play Baby Baby Baby as the background music. Sorry but I don’t buy this excuse at all. Some of the girls in the photo above have been made to even look like their Japanese counterpart (I can see Miichan, Chiyuu even Takamina without her bow). The AK part of the name BTW means Angel Kiss. Does Aki-P have a credible claim to sue sina.com for copying his idol format?

Thanks Asuka for informing me about this group.



7 responses

25 09 2011
tokai / binaryriot

The Chinese! 🙂 Can’t they simply wait until there’s an official BJG48 (Beijing48) or SGH48 (Shanghai48)? 😀

25 09 2011

Reading a little bit the comments in Chinese, they don’t seem really proud of it and say these kind of thing bring shame to other Chinese who respect AKB48…
What a pity of not respecting Copyright…

26 09 2011
Asuka Inverse

this remembers me of the other Japanese group with 100 members who tried to copy AKB48 a few months ago… and of course of the Mexican “bra-thong factory” las Famosas Inalcanzables. They see that AKB48 makes money, so they try to imitate the concept.

26 09 2011
Yvonne Sudarman (@yvonne_48)

is it that AK948? (Akagi48)

26 09 2011
Asuka Inverse

Yes, AKG48

(btw it’s reminds me*)

26 09 2011

how much that girl looks like takamina is scary!!
before i even finished reading the post i noticed!!!!
and i completly believe that AkiP should sue! It’s not their idea, it’s his!!

26 09 2011
Yvonne Sudarman (@yvonne_48)

Agree with you
AKB48 is popular too in China
There’s no way they don’t know AKB48 w

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