AKB48 13th Gen Auditions Over – How Many Made The Cut?

25 09 2011

Yesterday saw the final round of auditions for the 13th gen of AKB48 in which 57 girls took part and they had to impress 15 judges which included Aki-P. The 57 girls had to do a short dance routine from ‘Flying Get’ and then show them how good they are at singing. In the end, 33 out of 57 were successful and are now on the road to becoming a fully fledged idol. BTW this is the biggest number of girls to ever pass an audition before so Aki-P must have seen a lot of potential in these girls………well they are the future of the group after all.

There’s a long and difficult road ahead for the 33 girls and no doubt there’ll be tears for them as they are pushed hard to hone their dancing and singing skills (nobody said being an idol is easy) but I’m looking forward to seeing them perform. IMO I think Aki-P is perhaps looking at half of these girls to perhaps become the final piece in the puzzle and form Team 8.

Good luck to all of them and congratulations on making the grade.



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25 09 2011
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