AKB48 Cafe & Shop Opening This Week

26 09 2011

The newest AKB48 attraction opens in Akihabara this week – the brand new AKB48 cafe and shop will have it’s grand opening on Thursday 29th September and it’s location couldn’t be more easier to find for fans – it’s very close to the Electric Town exit of Akihabara train station, next door to the Gundam cafe.

This isn’t just an ordinary place for fans. Theater performances will be broadcasted to a special area in the building on a large screen in which you can relax on comfortable sofas enjoying the performance. A buffet will also be available so you can stuff your face whilst watching the girls!! This will cost 2700 yen and you have to book in advance. The cafe area will have I think AKB48 themed food. For 2000 yen you get your food and drink plus a commemorative photo. But if you want the ultimate experience then you can hire a private viewing room for up to 16 of your friends for 10,000 yen for 2 hours. All of AKB48’s DVD back catalogue will be available to view here. Unfortunately you won’t be able to just walk into the cafe area as you’ll have to make a reservation for that as well. Same goes for the private viewing room.

As for the shop, am I taking it that the current shop which is currently on the 5th floor of the Don Quixote building is closing and moving here? I’m not 100% sure but you might need to make a reservation to go to the shop too (this will only last for the first couple of months just like the Harajuku shop).  The website doesn’t make it clear that’s the problem. I’m looking forward to visiting the place in December.

This is the link to the official cafe/shop website: http://www.akb48cafeshops.com/



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27 09 2011
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27 09 2011
Natalie 'DSQ' B,

it seems really silly that they make you make reservations even for the cafe… Sure it will be popular but it really defeats the point of a cafe really.

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