AKB48 Appear On Most Hated List

28 09 2011

I’m not really sure where this has come from but female readers of a certain magazine have been voting for the Top 10 Most Hated Women Celebrities and unfortunately AKB48 appear on the list. A lot of the comments why women hate these celebrities is rather petty and reeks of jealousy such as “only works with hot guys” or “annoying and fake”.

Erika Sawajiri can celebrate the fact that she’s no longer public enemy no.1 as she’s finally been pushed down the list. That honour has now gone to Masami Nagasawa whose hate brigade has slowly but surely been on the increase for the past 2 or 3 years. Morning Musume’s Sayumi is very close to the top. What these people don’t understand is Sayumi’s narcissist personality is only a character she plays and one she does rather well I might add. I can understand that many might find her ‘I’m always cute’ act a bit annoying. As for AKB48 on this list, a breakdown of which AKB48 member they don’t like would have been nice to see. I guess it was only a matter of time before we would get to see them on this list.

Here the Top 10 in full:

10 Asako Itou
09 AKB48
08 Akiko Wada
07 Keiko Kitagawa
06 Sasaki Nozomi
05 Tsuji Nozomi
04 Erika Sawajiri
03 Saki Aibu
02 Sayumi Michishige
01 Masami Nagasawa



9 responses

28 09 2011

I’m confused. What kind of personality does Sayumi Michishige have? I always thought it to be cute. I might sound naive saying thing, but what does narcissistic mean?

28 09 2011

Sayumi’s character is mostly just her acting like she is the cutest person that could ever exist. She has even gone as far as personally telling others that she is cuter than them, but like akb48fan said this is a character and not necessarily her true personality.

29 09 2011

ahhh.. kay thanks! 🙂

28 09 2011

Narcissistic means a person who thinks they’re good looking or in the case of Sayumi – cute!

28 09 2011

I think the lyric “When you’re on top, there’s envy.” holds true here.

The more popular you become, the more people are going to hate you unfortunately. Oh well, I love AKB48 and a few haters aren’t going to do anything to change that.

29 09 2011

It’s called bargaining power.

Put AKB48 in the top 10 hate list and you’ll attract potential deals from the AKB48 management

If that doesn’t work, you get more readers

30 09 2011

Not really surprised that AKB or Sayu is on the list because of AKB’s popularity and Sayu’s character, so I’m just like, “Meh” for those. But why is Nono on the list?!? :O I just can’t see unless women don’t like her looks or that she had a baby at a young age or something… :/

31 01 2013
Kristi Schoenhaar

Maybe people suspect Nono’s taking advantage of motherhood as a means to stay relevent?

I’m amused by the fact that the entirety of AKB48 is on the list. AKB48 feels like an absolute media attack with so many members! That whole “they’re not talented in any way” sales pitch allows the young audience to find the girls relateable, but how grating it is to your average adult to have a generic, cuteness army try to woo you when they’re not funny, good singers, or even singing interesting songs.

I was one of the people that fell for Sayu’s act initially. She plays her role so perfectly that I was fooled. It’s sweet how she writes about meeting other ladies (including fans) in her blog posts and goes on about how cute they are, how much prettier they are than herself, etc. From her own words and actions she seems to be not only a nice lady but has a very nurturing personality.

31 01 2013
Kristi Schoenhaar

I can understand how people dislike Sasaki Nozomi, though! She is some piece of work. She’s the sort of girl that makes people start to believe all skinny women are shallow as she is.

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