SKE48 To Get Their Own Weekly Show On NTV

28 09 2011

Starting next month, SKE48 will follow AKB48 and NMB48 in finally getting their own weekly show on NTV.

SKE48 no Magical Radio will mainly focus on Rena, Jurina and Akane Takayanagi and according to what I’ve read about the show it’s not going to be like any other idol variety show such as AKBingo or NMB48’s Naniwa Nadeshiko. It’ll be more akin to a drama than a normal variety show. I’m all game to see something a little bit different. The plot of the show as such is Akane hosting a radio show on a fictional radio station in Nagoya and being forced to host the show with Jurina who plays a former child actress in order to attract more listeners. Rena’s role will be the director of the radio show.

Being an SKE48 show, of course we’ll get to see other members of the group popping up as various characters on the show alongside Masayasu Wakabayashi from the comedy duo Audrey and actor Jiro Sato. What happens each week on the show is a bit of a mystery right now as there’s no real script. Everybody will be forced to ad-lib according to the situation that occurs each week. This show really does sound more and more interesting to me so I’m looking forward to checking it out.

It all kicks off on Tuesday night October 11th at 1.59am.



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