TPE48 Officially Announced

1 10 2011

We already knew about the rumours that a sister group to AKB48 was going to be formed in Taiwan and now it’s official. On Togasaki’s blog he announced the formation of the newest 000 franchise in Taipei, Taiwan. There’s not much details right at this moment about the new idol group but there will be more news at the beginning of next year. The only thing that is known is TPE48’s theatre will be opening sometime in Summer 2012.

What’s your reaction to the news about this? Pleased or not? Not bothered? Maybe you think Aki-P’s plan for world domination is starting to get out of control? It looks to me like every Asian country is likely to have a 00048 group in the next couple of years.

Here’s the link to the blog entry made by Togasaki:



4 responses

1 10 2011

i call it milking the cash cow but it all dries up

1 10 2011

personally i’m excited for any 00048 groups outside of japan, if it means they’ll get any great songs and keep pumping out lots of them, i’m fine with that.

2 10 2011
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2 10 2011

OMG he’s over doing it with the 48 groups…I can’t wait to see his project crash and burn…then all those girls will be fired and out of jobs…but watever he’s getting as much money as he can…until this fab is over. ps i love SKE48,AKB48 (nmb48 is -_- good but not that good)

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